The Strausser jukebox has a professional sound and unprecedented possibilities.
The strausser includes:

  1. Vinyl record player 33, 45, 78 rpm
  2. CD / DVD player
  3. AM / FM radio
  4. USB slot
  5. SD & micro SD slot
  6. Bluetooth connection
  7. Internet radio
  8. Spotify
  9. Youtube
  10. Wifi connection
  11. Wireless karaoke with echo module

Thanks to the Wide Range Design, the speakers give a much better stereo effect.

Strausser wide range speakers

strausser wide range speakers


The design of the Strausser jukebox can be adjusted almost unlimitedly to suit everyone’s taste.
In total, 180 combinations can be made of the front, the side and the speaker cover.

see more designs on


The built-in light organ has no less than 100 different combinations of color and movements that you can adjust with the remote control (speed, color, fix your favorite movement, ….)

Do you have a party: choose a flashy LED pattern
Are you in a romantic mood: set a gentle movement.
There is a suitable pattern for every occasion!

Thanks to our LED technology, the light organ has a long lifespan and is very energy-efficient.