Jukebox with unlimited possibilities.

The first jukebox in the world that combines all modern audio technology with wireless karaoke.

Disc player 33, 45, 78 tours
CD / DVD player
FM Radio
MP3 player plays music from USB or SD card
Wifi connection (Youtube, internet radio, streaming audio like Spotify, Deezer, ….)
Bluetooth speaker to play music from your smartphone, tablet, ….
Wifi speaker to play music from your smartphone, tablet, ….

And the wireless karaoke module lets you sing like a pro with ALL music sources, including the old vinyl records.

Unlimited customizable design.

In order for the jukebox to fit any interior and to suit everyone’s taste we made the design customizable. You can adjust the frontline almost unlimited. From the classic oak front to the hype design:
Everything is possible.

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In addition to all modern and classic audio techniques, the Strausser jukebox also features an unprecedented LED light module. This LED light organ has 100 different motion patterns many color combinations. (read more)

Finally, the front front can be customized or personalized. This way, the Strausser fits into any interior and meets every individual design wish.